I’m an Advanced Power Searcher!

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Maybe you remember this post where I wrote about the Google e-learning initiative « power searching with Google ».

Basically Google has set-up challenges and assignements for people who want to learn more about the tools they provide.

This advanced level was really hard sometimes but I did it!

Power Searching with Google Diploma

Let me share one of the last challenge with you.

My daughter recently received an heirloom cup that has been in my family for six generations. I wanted to know more about this cup. Refer to the two images below to solve this challenge. The second image is a magnified drawing of the bottom of the cup.

silver drinking cup with handlelogo that says W.G.&S

And the two questions were:

  1. From what type of silver is the cup made?
  2. Who made this cup?

And as a conclusion this is a challenge I designed:

I remember that there is not far from the “côte rôtie” another protected vineyard. This one produces a vine with the same “cépage” (pretend I don’t know the english term for that) as most of the “Beaujolais” vines. I can’t remember the name of this protected area, which is not protected from a long time, something like 15 years, more or less. By the way, what is the name of the “cépage”, and what does “cépage” means? I know, there is a lot of questions!

Feel free to propose your anwser as a comment!

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